Raptor ARC-18 LC Column, 2.7 μm, 150 mm, 2.1 mm

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Raptor ARC-18
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Raptor ARC-18 LC Column, 2.7 μm, 150 mm, 2.1 mm

Raptor C18 LC Columns (USP L1) 

  • A traditional end-capped C18 ideal for general-purpose use in reversed-phase chromatography.
  • Wide pH range (2–8) provides excellent data quality for many applications, matrices, and compounds.
  • Offers the highest hydrophobic retention of any Raptor phase.
  • Part of Restek’s Raptor LC column line featuring 1.8, 2.7, and 5 μm SPP core-shell silica.

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Additional Info

Restek chemists became the first to combine the speed of superficially porous particles (also known as SPP or "core-shell" particles) with the resolution of highly selective USLC technology. This new breed of chromatographic column allows you to more easily achieve peak separation and faster analysis times with existing HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation.  

Designed and intended specifically for use on LC-MS/MS systems, the Raptor ARC-18 column offers a well-balanced retention profile without the drawbacks of using an ordinary C18 in the harsh, acidic mobile phases needed for mass spectrometry (MS). Even after extended use in these low-pH (≤ 2.0) conditions, the sterically protected ARC-18 offers consistent retention, peak shape, and response for charged bases, neutral acids, small polar compounds, and more. For the rapid analysis of large, multiclass assays by LC-MS/MS, the acid-resistant Raptor ARC-18 truly is ahead of the curve. 

Stationary Phase Category: C18, octadecylsilane (L1)
Ligand Type: Sterically protected C18
Particle: 1.8 μm, 2.7 μm, or 5 μm superficially porous silica (SPP or "core-shell")
Pore Size: 90 Å
Carbon Load: 7% (1.8 μm), 7% (2.7 μm), 5% (5 μm)
End-Cap: no
Surface Area: 125 m2/g (1.8 μm), 130 m2/g (2.7 μm), or 100 m2/g (5 μm)
Recommended Usage: pH Range: 1.0–8.0
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C
Maximum Pressure: 1,034 bar/15,000 psi* (1.8 μm), 600 bar/8,700 psi (2.7 μm); 400 bar/5,800 psi (5 μm)

* For maximum lifetime, recommended maximum pressure for 1.8 μm particles is 830 bar/12,000 psi.


  • Well-balanced retention profile.
  • Sterically protected and acid-resistant to resist harsh, low-pH mobile phases.
  • Ideal for use with sensitive detectors like mass spec.

Switch to an ARC-18 when:

  • You are analyzing large, multiclass lists by LC-MS/MS.
  • Strongly acidic (pH 1–3) mobile phases are required.


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