Tools & Accessories

Electronic Crimpers and Decrimpers and more! 

Ibis Scientific provides the Thermo Scientific tools and accessories product line which include vial racks, and crimping tools for most laboratory needs. In addition to these products, the Vial Crusher (available on request) offers the laboratory the ability to dispose of used sample vials, in an environmentally responsible manner.

We offer electronic crimpers for crimping or removal of aluminum seals on 8, 11, 13 and 20mm vials. The crimper is a hand held device, which allows aluminum seals to be firmly attached to the vial while it remains in most sample trays with the touch of a button. A separate decrimper allows the removal of the seal just as easily. The instruments have an adjustment for septa of varying thicknesses. Power is supplied by rechargeable Lithium Ion Cells. The 7.5 volt DC power supply comes with a set of plug adaptors to fit power outlets for most countries.