2mL 5.75", Soda Lime Pasteur Pipet, 1000-pk

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  • 2mL 5.75", Soda Lime Pasteur Pipet, 1000-pk



These Pasteur-type pipets are intended for one-time use in the transfer of small volumes. 

  • 63C49 and 63C50 are blood bank droppers which dispense 25 ±3 drops per 1 ml. of serum or red cells at 23 °C when held at a 45° angle
  • 63DP1005 is a monstr-pette which has a tip ID of 1.5 mm
  • 63A53WT is a wide tip Pasteur pipet featuring a 1.6 mm tip
  • 63A54P, 63B96P, 63B92P and 63A53P are cotton-plugged
  • Soda lime pipets are manufactured from 90 expansion soda lime glass conforming to USP Type III requirements
  • Borosilicate pipets are manufactured from 51 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type 1 and ASTM E438, Type 1, Class B requirements
Part Number 63A54
Name Soda Lime Pasteur Pipet
Capacity (mL) 2
OD (mm) 7
Body Length (in) 3 1/2
Tip Length (in) 2 1/4
Overall Length (in) 5 3/4
Tip Opening ID (mm) 1.1
Feature Borosilicate
Case Qty 1000
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